Here are the workshops offered. Although there is no schedule published at the moment, several workshops occur as groups are formed. Descriptions are found further down on this page.

Learn to metalsmith a copper bracelet - English

The workshop is one half-day and includes all materials, documentation and the use of the tools.

The participants will learn the basics of metal forming and in the course of the day will measure, texture and shape two copper bracelets, learning the basics involved in metalsmithing.

The cost for the day is 70$.

Silver Clay Exploration

This is a half day workshop is designed for you to explore and experiment silver clay through the creation of a charm.

These few hours will enable you to discover the principles of silver clay. The relatively new material permits you to create pure silver (.999) jewelry with simple equipment.

The cost of this half-day workshop is 80$ and includes documentation, material and the use of the tools to make a pure silver charm.

Introduction to creating with Silver Clay

Silver clay is a relatively new medium that enables you to prepare and shape jewelry and other objects with a clay made of silver particles and organic binders.

During the one day workshop, you will learn how to work with silver clay and how to make a pendant and earrings.

This workshop is 180$ for the day and includes the documentation, material and the use of the tools.